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bleed to lose blood. [1/3 definitions]
blind to cause to lose sight for a short time or permanently. [1/7 definitions]
blow one's top (informal) to lose control; become angry.
blow up (informal) to lose one's temper. [1/3 definitions]
chip1 to lose small pieces from the edge or surface. [1/6 definitions]
collapse to suddenly lose strength or health because of disease or exhaustion. [1/5 definitions]
cost to cause to lose. [1/5 definitions]
crush to cause to lose shape or become flat by pressing or squeezing very hard. [1/5 definitions]
decay to lose health, strength, or excellence. [1/4 definitions]
dehydrate to lose water; dry out. [1/2 definitions]
despair to lose all hope (often followed by "of"). [1/2 definitions]
die1 to lose force or stop working. [1/4 definitions]
diet1 to eat less food or choose certain foods to improve health or lose weight. [1/3 definitions]
discourage to cause to lose hope or confidence. [1/2 definitions]
dishonor to cause to lose honor or reputation; disgrace; shame. [1/2 definitions]
dizzy having a feeling of spinning around and being about to lose one's balance. [1/4 definitions]
fade to lose color. [2/4 definitions]
fail to lose force or stamina. [1/7 definitions]
flip one's lid (slang) to lose control of yourself.
flip one's wig (slang) to lose control of yourself.
fly off the handle to become very angry; lose one's temper (an informal use).