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amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
anesthesia loss of consciousness or feeling in the body produced by drugs.
anesthetic a drug that causes numbness in the body or loss of consciousness.
anesthetist a person, usually a doctor or nurse, trained to give gas or drugs that cause lack of sensation or loss of consciousness.
blackout the loss or hiding of all the lights of a city or region. Cities may have blackouts because of power failures. [2 definitions]
catastrophe an event that brings great harm, suffering, or loss to a large area or many people; terrible disaster.
conservation the act of keeping and protecting from waste, loss, or destruction. [2 definitions]
conserve to keep safe from loss, waste, or destruction. [1/2 definitions]
console1 to give comfort in time of loss or suffering; make less sad.
decline a drop or loss. [1/4 definitions]
defeat the fact of being defeated; loss; failure. [1/4 definitions]
disgrace loss of respect, honor, or favor; shame. [1/3 definitions]
dishonor loss of honor or reputation. [1/2 definitions]
dismay sudden or total loss of courage or confidence. [1/4 definitions]
distemper a disease that infects mostly dogs, but also cats and horses. Distemper causes fever, loss of appetite, and breathing difficulties.
exhaustion complete loss of energy; extreme fatigue. [1/2 definitions]
insure to guarantee against loss or harm with an insurance policy.
jeopardy danger of harm, death, or loss; at risk.
mourn to feel or act very sad because of a death or great loss; grieve. [1/2 definitions]
pace1 to control the energy loss of. [1/8 definitions]
paralysis a loss of feeling in or the ability to move a body part. Paralysis is caused by injury or disease of the nervous system.