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allegiance loyalty or dedication to a person, country, or belief.
ardent having or showing very strong feelings such as passion, loyalty, or desire.
attachment a strong feeling of friendship or loyalty to a person, place, thing, or idea. [1/3 definitions]
brother a man who is connected to another man through shared interests, goals, or loyalty to the same group. [1/2 definitions]
devotion strong affection or loyalty.
patriotic feeling or showing love for and loyalty to one's country.
patriotism love for and loyalty to one's country.
sacrifice the act of giving up something of great value to show loyalty or deep affection. [1/7 definitions]
swear to make a solemn promise or statement, usually concerning the telling of the truth, one's loyalty, or one's duty. [1/3 definitions]
treachery a breaking of faith or loyalty; betrayal.
turn to change in one's sense of loyalty or closeness with others. [1/22 definitions]
untrue without loyalty or devotion; not faithful. [1/2 definitions]
vassal a person in the Middle Ages who was given the use of land in return for loyalty and service to a lord.