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bewitch to enchant or cast a spell over with magic or as if with magic. [1/2 definitions]
charm an object, act, or word believed to have magic powers. [1/4 definitions]
enchant to put under a magic spell; bewitch. [1/2 definitions]
enchantment a magic charm or spell; an instance of casting a spell.
fairy an imaginary tiny creature in human form, thought to have magic powers.
magic of, concerning, or used in the practice of magic. [2/4 definitions]
magical of or made by magic.
magician a person who has skill in magic and entertains people with magic tricks.
potion a mixture for drinking that is supposed to have special powers. A potion may heal, do magic, or be a poison.
spell2 a word or group of words used to work magic. [2/3 definitions]
trick an act of skill or magic. [1/6 definitions]
witch a woman who is believed to have magic powers.
wizard a person who is believed to have magic powers. [1/2 definitions]