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compass an instrument for showing direction. A typical compass has a moving magnetic needle that points north. [1/2 definitions]
electromagnet an iron or steel core with wire wound around it. It becomes magnetic when an electric current is passed through the wire.
magnetic field the space around a magnet in which a magnetic force is active.
magnetic pole either of the two points of a magnet where the lines of magnetic force meet and are strongest. [2 definitions]
magnetic tape a thin plastic ribbon with a magnetic coating, used to record sound and images. Magnetic tape is found in audio cassettes and videocassettes.
tape a long magnetic strip used to record sounds and pictures. [1/4 definitions]
tape recorder a machine used to record sound onto magnetic tape or to play back the sound recorded.
videotape a magnetic tape used to record pictures and sound to be played on a television. [1/3 definitions]