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bachelor a man who has not married.
bridegroom a man who is about to be married or was just married.
brother a man who is connected to another man through shared interests, goals, or loyalty to the same group. [1/2 definitions]
businessman a man who works in business, especially in a high position at a company.
butler a man who works in a household as head servant.
centaur a creature in Greek mythology that has the head, arms, and chest of a man and the trunk and legs of a horse.
chairman a man who is in charge of a meeting or committee.
chap2 (informal) a man or boy; fellow.
cowboy a man who herds and takes care of cattle. Cowboys work on ranches and often ride horses.
dude (slang) any man or boy. [1/2 definitions]
dwarf in fairy tales and legends, a strange-looking little man, often with a beard, who has magical powers. [1/4 definitions]
Englishman a man who was born in or is a citizen of England.
fellow a man or boy. [1/3 definitions]
foam used as a short form of "foam rubber," a soft, man-made material that feels similar to a sponge. [2/6 definitions]
Frenchman a man who was born in or is a citizen of France.
friar a man who is a member of a Roman Catholic order; monk.
gentleman a polite and honorable man. [3 definitions]
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought other men or animals, often to the death, to entertain an audience.
groom a man who is about to be or has just been married. [1/4 definitions]
guy1 (informal) a boy or man; fellow. [1/2 definitions]
Hercules a hero in Greek and Roman mythology. Hercules was half man and half god and known for his amazing strength.