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acrylic a kind of plastic used to make yarns, paint, and many other things.
again and again many times.
aged being old or having lived many years. [1/3 definitions]
alien a living being from another planet; extraterrestrial. There is no evidence that aliens exist, but many people believe there is life on other planets. [1/5 definitions]
all-around able to do many different things.
alligator a large reptile with short legs, a long body and tail, and a long, wide snout. Alligators are protected by thick skin with many hard bumps. They live in rivers, lakes, swamps, and other bodies of water in the southeast United States and in China. They usually eat insects, fish, turtles, snakes, birds, and other water animals, but have been known to attack small land mammals. They are closely related to crocodiles. Chinese alligators are endangered because their habitat is being changed by people.
all-purpose used in many different ways.
almanac a book of interesting and useful facts about many different subjects. [1/2 definitions]
ancient very old; existing for many years. [1/2 definitions]
antique an object, such as a piece of furniture, made many years in the past. [1/2 definitions]
any one or some, no matter which or how many. [1/5 definitions]
aster a plant with white, pink, blue, or purple flowers. The flowers are made up of many narrow petals around a yellow center.
attraction a movie, concert, or other event that many people want to see. [1/3 definitions]
back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often many times without stopping.
bacteria microscopic organisms that often play a role in the decay of living things, the process of fermentation, and sometimes in causing disease. Bacteria are each made up of only one cell, but different kinds of bacteria can take different shapes. These organisms live in all parts of the earth including oceans, deserts, glaciers, hot springs, and in the bodies of most living things. While some kinds of bacteria are dangerous, most kinds are useful because they help in the digestion of food, in the making of soil, in the creation of medicines, and in many other natural processes.
bamboo a tropical grass plant that has hard, woody, hollow stems. Many kinds of bamboo grow as high as a tree. [1/2 definitions]
battery a device that makes electricity by using chemical reactions. Batteries are used to power many things, including cars, flashlights, toys, and watches. [1/3 definitions]
bazaar a sale of many different things for the purpose of raising money for an organization or charity. [1/2 definitions]
bean the seed or seed pod of certain plants. Many kinds of beans are eaten as a vegetable. [1/4 definitions]
beaten used by many people; much traveled. [1/3 definitions]
bee an insect with a hairy body, four wings, and sometimes a stinger. Some kinds of bees live in social groups, and some live alone. Many bees drink nectar from flowers.