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chart a map used to guide a ship across water or an airplane through the skies. [2/4 definitions]
globe a round ball with a map of the earth on it, or anything shaped like a ball. [1/2 definitions]
grid parallel horizontal and vertical lines that cross each other to form squares of equal size. Grids are used to locate points on a map or to make diagrams. [1/2 definitions]
legend a table that explains the symbols used on a map, chart, or other illustration. [1/3 definitions]
map to make a map of. [1/3 definitions]
pinpoint a point on a map, a spot of ink, or something else that is very small. [1/2 definitions]
plot1 to make a map or chart of a route being traveled. [1/4 definitions]
pointer a device, such as a stick or laser, used to show points on a map or other display. [1/4 definitions]
relief map a map that shows the height or depth of different places in an area. Relief maps may use three dimensions, different colors, or different shadings to show hills, mountains, and valleys.
road map a map used by drivers that shows the streets, highways, and mileage in and between towns of an area.
scale3 the size of a model or map compared to the actual size of the thing it represents. [1/6 definitions]
x2 a mark used to point out a particular place on a map. [1/4 definitions]