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Bay of Bengal a bay of the Indian Ocean bordered mostly by India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
Burmese a native or citizen of Myanmar. [2/3 definitions]
definite article the article "the" in English grammar. The definite article is used with a noun when one is referring to something that is already known or has already been talked about.
grammatical of or having to do with grammar. [2 definitions]
indefinite article either of the articles "a" or "an" in English grammar. These articles do not restrict the noun to a particular person, place or thing. In the sentence, "A dog ran into my yard," the indefinite article "a" is used to show that it could have been any dog, and that a particular dog is not being named.
Myanmar a country in southeastern Asia. Myanmar was called Burma until 1989. Rangoon (or Yangon) is the capital of Myanmar.
possessive showing ownership through grammar. [1/3 definitions]
regular having or following the most common rule in grammar. [1/6 definitions]