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bachelor a man who has not married.
bride1 a woman who is about to be married or was just married.
bridegroom a man who is about to be married or was just married.
countess a woman married to a count or earl. [1/2 definitions]
divorced no longer married because of divorce, a legal process that ends a marriage.
duchess a woman who is married to or the widow of a duke. [1/2 definitions]
groom a man who is about to be or has just been married. [1/4 definitions]
housewife a married woman whose main work is taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and other duties of her family's household.
husband a man who is married; the man to whom a woman is married.
madame a formal or polite way to address a married woman. (abbreviation: Mme.)
mademoiselle a French title for a girl or woman who is not married. The abbreviation is Mlle.
maid a girl or young woman who is not married; maiden. [1/2 definitions]
maiden a young woman or girl who is not married. [1/2 definitions]
miss2 (capitalized) a title used before the name of a girl or woman who is not married. "Miss" is sometimes replaced by "Ms." [1/2 definitions]
Mrs. an abbreviation for Mistress, which is a title of respect used before a married woman's name.
pair two persons who are married, engaged, or living together, or who like the same things. [1/5 definitions]
separate to no longer live together as a married couple. [1/9 definitions]
single not married. [1/8 definitions]
step- a prefix that means "related because someone married again."
stepparent a man or woman who is not one's natural parent but is married to one's natural parent; a stepfather or stepmother.
widow a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again. [1/2 definitions]