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dividend the number to be divided by another number in math equations. [1/2 definitions]
example a math problem used to show how similar math problems can be solved. [1/4 definitions]
minus the math sign used to show subtraction (-); minus sign [1/5 definitions]
nerd a person who chooses to spend a lot of time doing one activity, often in a technical field such as computers, math, or science.
number a unit in math with a fixed value that is used in counting or to tell the position of something in a series. Four, four tenths, and four hundred are all numbers. Numbers can also be written in numerals: 4, 0.4, 400. [1/9 definitions]
plus the math sign that shows addition (+); plus sign. [1/5 definitions]
slash a punctuation mark (/). It has the meaning of "or" as in "and/or" or "per" as in "miles/hour." This mark is also used to show division in math and to separate parts of an internet address. [1/5 definitions]