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algebra a form of mathematics used to solve problems in which some of the numbers are not known. In an algebra problem, letters stand for the unknown numbers.
character a letter or symbol used in an alphabet or in mathematics. [1/6 definitions]
distributive property in mathematics, a characteristic of numbers that allows you to multiply a group of numbers and get the same answer you would get if you multiplied each member of the group and then combined the answers. For example, 4 x (8 + 1 + 5) is equal to (4 x 8) + (4 x 1) + (4 x 5).
geometry the area of mathematics concerned with the study of shapes and objects. Geometry deals with the measurement and relation of angles, points, lines, planes, and solid figures. [1/2 definitions]
infinity in mathematics, the imagined end of a sequence or series even though the sequence or series has no limit. [1/3 definitions]
math short for "mathematics."
mathematical of or having to do with mathematics.
mathematician a person who works in mathematics.
mathematics (used with a singular verb) the study of numbers, amounts, shapes, and the relationship between them, using symbols to represent these things. Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are some branches of mathematics.
operation a number process in mathematics such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. [1/4 definitions]