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actually as a matter of fact; really.
affair an event, matter, or happening. [2/5 definitions]
any one or some, no matter which or how many. [1/5 definitions]
anyway in any case; anyhow; no matter what happens.
apply to be related or to matter. [1/5 definitions]
atom the smallest possible unit of a chemical element. The major parts of atoms contain protons, neutrons, and electrons. They are the basis of all matter in the universe. [1/2 definitions]
beat around the bush to avoid or delay speaking about the most important matter.
bicker to quarrel about something that does not matter.
black hole a region or body in space with gravity so strong that neither light nor matter can escape it. Scientists believe that black holes form when very large stars collapse.
body a separate mass of land, water, or other matter. [1/5 definitions]
business a duty or matter that appropriately concerns one particular person and no one else. [2/6 definitions]
case1 a matter that needs to be investigated by the police or other authorities. [1/5 definitions]
charcoal the solid, black form of carbon made by burning wood or other matter in a space with very little oxygen. [1/2 definitions]
chlorophyll the green matter in the leaves and stems of plants that is necessary to produce food for plants from sunlight.
circular a piece of printed matter, usually an advertisement, sent or given to many people. [1/3 definitions]
clog to become blocked with sticky matter. [1/3 definitions]
committee a group of persons chosen to give attention to a particular matter.
concern a matter that is important to someone. [1/4 definitions]
conference a meeting to discuss a particular matter.
cough to release air noisily from the lungs. A cough results from illness or from breathing in foreign matter. [1/4 definitions]
count1 to have worth or be important; matter. [1/8 definitions]