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amen a word used at the end of a prayer or statement to mean "may it be so."
anemia a medical condition caused by having too few red blood cells or red blood cells that are not working properly. People with anemia may be pale, feel weak, and have difficulty breathing.
annex a building added to an existing building. An annex may be attached to or separate from the main building. [1/3 definitions]
apprehension fear about what may happen. [1/3 definitions]
astrology the study of the influence that the stars and planets may have on people's lives.
at ease a standing position in the military. When at ease, soldiers may relax but must stay in place and cannot talk.
bear2 a large furry mammal with a short tail. Bears are omnivorous; they may eat plants, honey, insects, fish, and small mammals. There are several kinds of bears, including black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears.
blackout the loss or hiding of all the lights of a city or region. Cities may have blackouts because of power failures. [1/2 definitions]
blouse a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, usually by women and girls. A blouse is similar to a shirt, but it may have more detailed sewing or more decoration, or it may be made of a fancier fabric such as satin or silk. A blouse is worn with either a skirt or pants.
castle one of two game pieces in chess that may be moved forward, backward, or sideways over any squares not blocked; rook. [1/2 definitions]
caterpillar the larva, or middle life stage, of a moth or butterfly. Caterpillars are round and long like worms, but have six legs. They may be brightly colored.
cell phone a telephone that operates using radio signals and therefore requires no wires. A cell phone can be taken with one anywhere but may not function if it is too far away from a radio transmitter to receive signals.
censor an official who decides what art, movies, or books may be published. A censor works for a government, religion, or other organization, and promotes its ideas. [1/3 definitions]
chute1 a passage down which things may slide in order to be moved from one area to another.
council a group of persons gathered together to discuss or make decisions about public matters. For example, a city council may make laws for or give advice on how to run a city.
danger a chance or likelihood that something bad or harmful may happen; peril; risk. [1/2 definitions]
day care care during the day in a home or day-care center for children too young for school or older children after school or during vacation. Day care may also offer care for elderly or disabled people.
delusion a false belief that continues even when it has been shown to be false. Delusions may be caused by certain mental illnesses. [1/2 definitions]
dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver showing that the line is open and a number may be dialed or entered.
direction the way in which one may face or travel. [1/4 definitions]
drug a substance that causes a chemical change in the body and may cause addiction; narcotic. [1/3 definitions]