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abalone a large sea snail that has several shiny colors on the inside of its shell. Abalone are mollusks. People eat abalone meat and make decorations from the shells.
bacon salted and smoked meat taken from the back and side of the pig.
barbecue an outdoor party at which meat and vegetables are cooked over an open fire. [1/4 definitions]
beef meat from a cow or steer. [1/2 definitions]
broth water in which meat, fish, grain, or vegetables have been boiled. Broth is often used as a base for soup.
burger a sandwich made with cooked ground beef that has been made into a flat, round shape, or the flat, round patty of ground meat itself. [1/2 definitions]
burrito a Mexican food made of a flour tortilla stuffed with meat, cheese, beans, and other foods.
butcher someone in the business of selling meat. [3 definitions]
cattle large mammals raised on farms or ranches for their milk or meat. Female cattle are called cows. Male cattle are called steers or bulls. Young cattle are called calves. The ox and the yak are kinds of cattle.
chicken a common farm bird that is raised for its meat and eggs. [2/3 definitions]
chili a dish like a thick soup made with red beans, ground meat, onion, and tomato sauce, and flavored with a spice made from chilies. [1/2 definitions]
cholesterol a white substance, found in the tissues of humans and animals, which acts to clean the bloodstream and surrounds certain nerves. Cholesterol is made in the body but can also be obtained from animal foods such as meat and cheese.
chop1 a thick slice of meat with a rib left in it. [1/4 definitions]
cleaver a heavy tool with a wide blade used especially by butchers for cutting meat.
crab1 the meat of this animal eaten as food. [1/2 definitions]
fillet a piece of meat or fish that has no bones. [1/2 definitions]
fish the meat of fish eaten as food. [1/5 definitions]
fowl a bird such as a chicken that is raised for its eggs or meat. Ducks, geese, and turkeys are also domestic fowl. [2 definitions]
goat an animal with hooves, hollow horns, and rough hair. Goats are mammals that are raised for their milk, wool, and meat. They are closely related to sheep.
goose the meat of a goose, used as food. [1/4 definitions]
gravy a sauce made from the juice that drips from cooking meat.