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accelerator a mechanical device that controls the speed of something, especially the gas pedal of a car.
bionic an electronic or mechanical device that replaces or helps something natural. An artificial leg is one kind of bionic device.
conveyor belt a mechanical moving strap that carries things from one place to another.
crank out to make in great numbers in a mechanical way.
hardware all the mechanical and electronic parts of a computer. [1/2 definitions]
hoist to lift or haul up using a mechanical device. [1/2 definitions]
instrument a tool or mechanical device used for special work. [1/2 definitions]
lock1 a mechanical device for keeping others from opening a door, window, or a safe. Locks are usually opened with a key or a combination. [1/5 definitions]
mechanism the whole or parts of a machine, mechanical system, or device. [1/2 definitions]
music box a box containing a mechanical device that plays music. The music plays by winding a knob, lifting the lid of the box, or some other action.
print to copy by transferring ink to a surface using mechanical pressure. [1/8 definitions]
record to copy by use of a mechanical or electronic device for later hearing or viewing. [1/6 definitions]
remote control a device held in the hand that is used to control a television set, a toy, or some other mechanical object from a distance. [1/2 definitions]
steam engine an engine which uses steam to supply energy to its mechanical parts.
technical mechanical or industrial. [1/3 definitions]
workshop a room or building in which a particular kind of work is done, usually involving manual or mechanical skills. [1/2 definitions]