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beverage any liquid for drinking, except water or medicine.
camphor a white substance with a very strong smell that is taken from the camphor tree. A form of camphor can also be made by people. Camphor is used in making some kinds of medicine and plastic.
capsule a tiny case that holds one dose of medicine. Capsules are made of gelatin and dissolve when swallowed. [1/2 definitions]
cashew a tropical American evergreen tree. A gum used in medicine is obtained from the bark. [1/2 definitions]
compress a soft pad of cloth, used to put pressure, cold, heat, or medicine on some part of the body. [1/3 definitions]
dental of or related to dentists or dental medicine. [1/2 definitions]
dose an amount of medicine to be taken at one time or at certain times.
dressing a bandage or medicine used to cover a wound. [1/3 definitions]
drug a substance used to cure or heal; medicine. [1/3 definitions]
druggist a person who has a license to prepare and sell medicine; pharmacist.
drugstore a store that sells medicine. Drugstores often also sell candy, cosmetics, magazines, and other things.
ether a liquid that makes a person unable to think, feel, or move. Ether burns easily, has a strong smell, and was once used in medicine to make people unconscious during surgery.
eyedropper a small glass or plastic tube used to apply drops of medicine, especially to the eyes.
herb any of these plants that have value as medicine, as an aroma, or as a way to add flavor to food. [1/2 definitions]
inhaler a device which blows medicine through the mouth into the lungs
injection a measured dose of liquid medicine that is injected into the body. [1/2 definitions]
IV an apparatus for giving medicine or nutrients through the veins. IV is an abbreviation for intravenous.
leech a kind of worm that lives in water or mud and sucks blood from animals. Leeches were once used in medicine to draw blood from people. Leaches are still sometimes used to prevent blood from clotting when reattaching fingers and toes that have been cut off.
lozenge a small piece of hard candy that contains medicine. A lozenge is held in the mouth and sucked to ease a sore throat or cough.
M.D. Doctor of Medicine. M.D. is the abbreviation for the Latin words "medicinae doctor."
medical of or having to do with the study or practice of medicine.