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arithmetic the method and process of using whole numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
CPR a method of reviving heart attack victims by breathing into the mouth and applying strong, rhythmic pressure to the chest. CPR is an abbreviation for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation."
drainage the act or method of draining.
drill1 a learning or training method in which an action or item is repeated over and over. [1/4 definitions]
dry-cleaning a method of cleaning clothes that uses liquid chemicals instead of water.
facsimile an electronic method of sending images, or an image sent by this means. [1/2 definitions]
fishing the method, pastime, or occupation of catching or trying to catch fish.
irregular not fitting into a standard law, method, or custom. [1/4 definitions]
means a method or instrument used to reach a goal or accomplish something. [1/2 definitions]
medium a way or method of communicating or expressing, such as painting, music, or language. [1/6 definitions]
phonetic relating to the method of representing speech sounds by symbols. [1/2 definitions]
radar the equipment used for this method of tracking. [1/2 definitions]
regulate to control by rules or a method. [1/2 definitions]
strategy a plan, method, or series of actions meant to perform a particular goal or effect. [1/2 definitions]
suit the act or method of bringing an action in a court of law. [1/5 definitions]
sustainable of or related to a method of managing or using a resource so that the resource is never used up or forever damaged. [1/2 definitions]
system a particular way or method of doing something. [1/5 definitions]
technique the particular method or way of doing or performing something.
technology a particular method of solving practical problems that comes out of research in science and industry. [1/2 definitions]
timing the act, art, or method of adjusting the pace of actions to create the most powerful or useful effect.
way method of thinking or acting; respect. [1/10 definitions]