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chivalry the qualities expected of an ideal knight during the Middle Ages in Europe. These included courage, honor, politeness, and being prepared to help those in need.
feudalism a political and economic system in Europe and Japan during the Middle Ages. Royal or noble families owned the land and allowed people to live on and farm the land in return for a share of the crops and their service in war.
guild a group of people in the Middle Ages in Europe who were in the same trade and who joined together to protect their common interests. Guilds were concerned with the prices and quality of their products. [1/2 definitions]
jester someone hired to tell jokes in royal courts during the Middle Ages in Europe. Jesters often made fun of court life.
knight a soldier on horseback in the Middle Ages. A knight had to serve as an apprentice and follow many rules. [1/4 definitions]
medieval of, or having to do with the Middle Ages.
minstrel a musician and poet who traveled from place to place to entertain people during the Middle Ages. [1/2 definitions]
vassal a person in the Middle Ages who was given the use of land in return for loyalty and service to a lord.
ye1 you. Ye was in common use during the Middle Ages, but today is used mainly in religious and literary writings.