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admiral an officer in the United States Navy of the highest rank; the commander of a fleet of ships or military unit.
armament (usually plural) the total military power of a country, including weapons and supplies.
armed forces all the military services of a country.
armory a place where weapons and other military equipment are made or stored.
at ease a standing position in the military. When at ease, soldiers may relax but must stay in place and cannot talk.
attention a way in which a person stands in the military, with the body straight, the legs and feet together, and the eyes looking forward. [1/4 definitions]
battleship a large military ship that has heavy armor and large guns.
blockade the shutting off of traffic into and out of a place. Military forces do this to seaports or cities during wars. [1/2 definitions]
cadet a student in a military school; person training to be a military officer.
camouflage a way of hiding something by covering or coloring it so that it looks like its surroundings. The military uses camouflage to hide people, buildings, or vehicles from the enemy. [1/2 definitions]
canteen a small store that sells food, drink, and some personal supplies. Canteens are found in schools, factories, and military bases. [1/2 definitions]
chaplain a member of the clergy who leads religious services and does counseling for a military unit, a hospital, or other group.
charge a military attack. [1/12 definitions]
civil of the daily activities of citizens as opposed to those of religious or military groups. [1/3 definitions]
civilian of civil life or civilians; not of the military or police. [1/2 definitions]
civil service any branch of government that is not part of the legislature, court system, or the military.
coast guard (capitalized) a U.S. military service that patrols and protects the nation's coasts.
commander an officer who is the leader of a military unit. [1/3 definitions]
commission the order that gives a rank to an officer in the military. [1/7 definitions]
corps a branch of the military that does a special kind of work. [1/2 definitions]
depot a place for storing and giving out military supplies or other goods. [1/2 definitions]