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abstract formed in the mind or in thought, with little connection to what actually exists or is proven. [1/3 definitions]
agile quick in mind; sharp; alert. [1/2 definitions]
agony great or intense pain and suffering in the mind or body, usually over a long period of time.
anguish terrible pain or suffering of the mind or body.
associate to connect with something else in one's mind. [1/6 definitions]
attention the concentration of one's mind on something. [1/4 definitions]
balance the state of being steady in body or mind. [1/6 definitions]
breakdown a collapse or failure of a person's mind or body. [1/2 definitions]
brilliant having a very smart, sharp, and quick mind. [1/3 definitions]
clever having a bright, sharp, and quick mind; intelligent. [1/2 definitions]
conceive to give shape to in the mind. [1/4 definitions]
conquer to master or overcome by strength of mind or character. [1/3 definitions]
consider to keep in mind; take into account. [1/3 definitions]
decide to make a choice in one's mind. [1/3 definitions]
decision the act or result of making up one's mind.
devour to take in with the mind or senses in a greedy way. [1/3 definitions]
dim not clear to the senses or mind. [1/5 definitions]
discipline training of the body or mind to bring about good performance and good behavior. [1/7 definitions]
diversion something that turns the mind or attention away from serious matters. [1/2 definitions]
entertain to have in mind; consider. [1/3 definitions]
exercise activity done to keep the body or mind strong or to make them stronger. [1/6 definitions]