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colon1 This mark, used to separate the hour and minute in writing times of day, as in "2:43 in the afternoon." [1/2 definitions]
cram to study hard at the last minute for an examination. [1/3 definitions]
min.1 abbreviation of "minute," or "minutes."
minute1 a distance that a person can walk or drive in one minute. [1/4 definitions]
rate1 a quantity calculated with regard to another measured quantity, as, for example, "miles per hour" or "beats per minute." [1/6 definitions]
second2 a unit of time equal to one of the 60 equal parts of a minute. [1/2 definitions]
second hand a hand on a clock or watch that shows the seconds going by. The second hand is thinner than either the minute hand or the hour hand, and it goes around the clock faster. Sometimes it is a different color also.
tiny very small, minute; miniature.