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blend to mix enough so that there no longer seem to be separate parts or ingredients. [1/4 definitions]
compound1 to mix or combine. [1/6 definitions]
confuse to cause misunderstanding, or to make understanding difficult or impossible; mix up; bewilder. [1/2 definitions]
dissolve to mix completely with liquid. [1/5 definitions]
hubbub a confusing mix of loud sounds such as voices; uproar.
integrate to bring together and mix into a whole. [1/2 definitions]
jumble to mix up; confuse. [1/4 definitions]
knead to mix by pressing, folding, and pulling. [1/2 definitions]
melt to fade or mix, as from one state to another (often followed by "away," "in," or "into"). [1/4 definitions]
merge to mix or combine into a single unit.
mingle to bring together; mix. [1/2 definitions]
mongrel a plant or animal that is a mix of two or more breeds or kinds.
muddle to cause to be confused; mix up. [1/4 definitions]
rub elbows with mingle or mix with.
scramble to mix or throw together in a quick or random way. [2/8 definitions]
shuffle to mix playing cards to change their order. [1/4 definitions]
soda water water filled with carbon dioxide. It is used to mix and drink.
stir1 to mix or move in a circle with a hand or object. [1/9 definitions]
tangle to mix or twist into a confused mass. [1/5 definitions]
toss to mix gently in order to coat with a sauce or dressing. [1/8 definitions]