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Athens the capital city of Greece, in modern and ancient times.
contemporary of or belonging to the present time; current; modern. [1/3 definitions]
dated not modern or in fashion. [1/2 definitions]
mastodon a very large extinct mammal. Several kinds of mastodons lived in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America tens of thousands of years ago. The last kind of mastodon became extinct at the end of the last Ice Age. Mammoths and modern elephants may have developed from earlier mastodons.
Maya a member of a modern Indian people who are descendants of this civilization. [1/2 definitions]
modernize to make modern; bring up to date. [2 definitions]
out of date not modern or in fashion.
Roman having to do with modern or ancient Rome or its people. [1/4 definitions]
romance (capitalized) having to do with certain modern languages that came from Latin. [1/4 definitions]
Romance language one of the modern languages that come from Latin. Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are Romance languages.
saber-toothed tiger a large wild cat with very long teeth curving from its upper jaw. Saber-toothed tigers were carnivores that hunted the young of mammoths and other large animals. The last kinds of saber-toothed tigers became extinct over ten thousand years ago. Modern tigers are not related to saber-toothed tigers.