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baste2 to keep moist with a liquid during cooking.
clay moist, stiff earth that is used for making brick, pottery, and tile.
dab1 a small moist bit. [1/5 definitions]
dampen to make moist or slightly wet. [1/2 definitions]
dry not wet, damp, or moist. [1/8 definitions]
frog1 a small, jumping animal with smooth, moist skin, long back legs, webbed feet, and no tail. Frogs are amphibians; they live in water during the first part of their lives and on land as adults. [1/2 definitions]
humid having a high amount of water vapor; damp; moist.
newt a small animal with a long, slender body and tail, and four legs. Newts have smooth, moist skin. They are a kind of small salamander and are amphibians. They spend part of their lives in water and part on land.
paste1 any soft, thick, moist substance or mixture. [1/4 definitions]
phosphorus a substance that is a chemical element. One of the common forms of phosphorus is a poisonous yellow solid that glows in moist air. Phosphorus is important to living things. It is used in fertilizers to help plants grow. (symbol: P)
salamander a small animal with a long, thin body, a long tail, and moist, smooth skin. Although salamanders look like lizards, they are amphibians closely related to frogs and toads. Young salamanders live in water. Most adult salamanders live in moist woodlands.
smog a mixture of smoke and fog that is caused by moist air and human pollution.
wet soaked, made moist, or covered with water or another liquid. [2/6 definitions]