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cast to form into a hard object by pouring or setting material into a mold. [3/12 definitions]
cupcake a little cake for one person. Cupcakes are baked in a mold that has the size and shape of a cup.
mold1 a hollow form used to give a particular shape to a soft or liquid substance that is poured into it. The material becomes hard and takes the shape of the mold. [1/3 definitions]
mold2 a fungus that grows on the surface of plant or animal materials such as food or leather. Some kinds of mold are fuzzy or fluffy. Penicillin is a kind of mold.
musty having a taste or smell of mold; damp or stale.
penicillin a kind of mold that is used to make medicines. Penicillin kills some kinds of bacteria that cause diseases.
shape to give a certain form or shape to; mold. [1/6 definitions]