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April the fourth month of the year. April has thirty days.
August the eighth month of the year. August has thirty-one days.
birthday the calendar day and month of one's birth, usually celebrated each year as that date occurs.
December the twelfth month of the year. December has thirty-one days. Winter begins in December for people who live north of the equator.
February the second month of the year. February usually has twenty-eight days, but it has twenty-nine days in a leap year.
full moon the time of the month when the moon is in this position. [1/2 definitions]
January the first month of the year. January has thirty-one days.
July the seventh month of the year. July has thirty-one days.
June the sixth month of the year. June has thirty days. Summer begins in June for people who live north of the equator.
March the third month of the year. March has thirty-one days. Spring begins in March for people who live north of the equator.
May the fifth month of the year. May has thirty-one days.
mo. abbreviation of "month."
monthly showing up or happening once a month. [4 definitions]
November the eleventh month of the year. November has thirty days.
October the tenth month of the year. October has thirty-one days.
periodical a magazine that is printed every week, month, or at some other regular time.
Ramadan the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. [2 definitions]
September the ninth month of the year. September has thirty days. Autumn begins in September for people who live north of the equator.