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aunt the sister of one's mother or father. [1/2 definitions]
brood a group of young birds or other animals hatched or born at the same time to one mother. [1/4 definitions]
brother a male person having the same mother or father as another person. [1/2 definitions]
embryo an animal or plant that is just starting to develop. An embryo grows inside an egg, a seed, or its mother.
grandfather the father of a person's mother or father.
grandmother the mother of a person's father or mother.
grandparent the father or mother of one's parent; a grandmother or grandfather.
great-grandfather the grandfather of a person's mother or father.
great-grandmother the grandmother of a person's mother or father.
litter a group of young animals, such as puppies, born to one mother at one time. [1/5 definitions]
ma (informal) mother.
mama (informal) mother.
marsupial an animal in a group of mammals that includes kangaroos and opossums. Female marsupials have a pouch outside their belly where the mother carries her young after they are born. Most marsupials live in Australia.
maternal of, having to do with, or like a mother. [1/2 definitions]
mom (informal) mother.
mother1 relating to or like a mother. [1/5 definitions]
mother-in-law the mother of a person's husband or wife.
motherly of or like a mother.
mum4 an informal British word for mother. Mum has the same meaning as mom.
parent a mother or a father.
quadruplet one of four children or animals born to the same mother at the same time.