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click in computing, the act of pressing and releasing the button on a mouse. [2/7 definitions]
double-click to press the button of a computer mouse two times very quickly.
drag to move (something) from one place to another on a computer screen by clicking on the object and holding down the mouse button while moving it. [1/6 definitions]
gerbil a very small rodent that looks like a mouse with a furry tail. Gerbils live in burrows in the deserts of Africa and Asia. They are often kept as pets.
lemming a very small mammal that looks like a mouse with a short tail. Lemmings are rodents that live in the far northern parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. Some kinds of lemmings migrate in groups if their population gets very large. Migrating lemmings may drown in bodies of water.
mice plural of "mouse."
mouse a small tool used with personal computers. The person using the computer moves the mouse to select and move items on the computer screen. Most mice are connected to the computer by a cord that looks like a mouse's tail. [1/2 definitions]