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action a movement or series of movements. [1/6 definitions]
advance a forward movement in space. [1/8 definitions]
aerodynamic having a smooth, even shape that offers the least possible resistance to air currents or movement.
air movement of the atmosphere; breeze or wind. [1/6 definitions]
airfoil any aircraft part or surface, such as a wing or rudder, designed to utilize aircurrents to aid in propelling, lifting, and controlling movement.
animal rights a movement that works for the rights of animals. People in favor of animal rights believe that animals should not be hurt or killed just to make the lives of humans easier.
animate to give the illusion of movement. [1/6 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a series of drawings showing stages of movement. The motion seems real when the drawings are shown quickly one after another.
backhand a tennis stroke that involves a forward movement of the arm with the back of the hand outward.
birthplace the place of birth or origin of a person, idea, or movement.
block the use of the body to stop the movement of another player in football and other sports. [2/9 definitions]
bob1 to make a quick or jerky movement up and down.
bolt1 a sudden movement away from or toward something; dash. [1/8 definitions]
break a sudden, fast movement away; escape. [1/19 definitions]
breath a slight movement of the air. [1/3 definitions]
brush1 to remove with a light movement as if using a brush. [1/6 definitions]
calm a lack of movement; stillness. [1/6 definitions]
charge the amount of electricity in an object. Charge causes electrical energy to flow in a current. The movement of electrical energy from one point to another is caused by a difference between the charges at the two points. An electrical charge can be positive or negative. [1/12 definitions]
circulation the movement or passage of something, such as money or news, from person to person or place to place. [2/3 definitions]
convection the movement or transfer of heat through a liquid or gas because of the natural rising of the heated parts and sinking of the cooled parts.
coordination the working together of different muscles to carry out a complicated movement. [1/2 definitions]