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about moving around. [1/8 definitions]
action the manner of a mechanism's moving or operating, or the mechanism itself. [1/6 definitions]
adrift moving or floating without being steered; drifting; not anchored. [1/2 definitions]
advancement a moving forward or being moved forward; progress. [1/2 definitions]
agile moving quickly and gracefully. [1/2 definitions]
anchor a heavy object that is dropped from a boat or ship by a cable to keep the vessel from moving. [1/4 definitions]
assembly line a way of putting together a product in a factory by moving it along a line of workers. Each worker adds or adjusts a part until the product is finished.
astir in action; moving.
at rest not active, not moving, or sleeping.
back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often many times without stopping.
backstroke the arm motion of a swimmer moving along on his or her back.
backward moving or facing toward the back, rear, or past. [1/4 definitions]
bearing a machine part that holds another, moving part and allows it to move with less friction. Bearings are often used to help wheels turn. [1/4 definitions]
boom2 the long, heavy arm on some kinds of crane that is used for lifting and moving heavy loads. [1/2 definitions]
cable car an enclosed vehicle either on rails or hanging from a cable that is pulled back and forth by a moving cable. A cable car carries people up and down a steep slope or across a chasm.
calm not moving; still. [1/6 definitions]
carry to take from one place to another; bear or support while moving; transport. [1/4 definitions]
catch to get control of (someone or something moving away); capture. [1/13 definitions]
chairlift a line of chairs hanging from a moving cable, used to carry people up or down a mountain. A chairlift is used at a ski slope.
circuit an act of moving or turning around. [1/4 definitions]
circular moving in the form of a circle. [1/3 definitions]