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bedraggled dirty, wet, or limp from having wandered or been dragged through mud and water. [1/2 definitions]
dirt any dirty material such as mud or dust. [1/2 definitions]
geyser a spring that shoots a stream of hot water, steam, or mud into the air from time to time.
hut a small house or shelter made of grass, mud, or logs.
leech a kind of worm that lives in water or mud and sucks blood from animals. Leeches were once used in medicine to draw blood from people. Leaches are still sometimes used to prevent blood from clotting when reattaching fingers and toes that have been cut off.
muddy covered with or full of mud. [2 definitions]
nest a structure used by a bird to lay eggs and rear young. Nests are built in trees and other protected places using materials such as twigs and mud. [1/5 definitions]
slime a slippery liquid, such as thin mud or the slippery substance on fish.
wallow to roll the body in mud, sand, dirt, or water.