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admission the price a person must pay to enter. [1/3 definitions]
area code a set of three numbers given to different areas of the United States and Canada for telephone service. An area code must be dialed before the telephone number when calling someone outside a local area.
at ease a standing position in the military. When at ease, soldiers may relax but must stay in place and cannot talk.
condition something that must happen before another event or thing can occur. [1/7 definitions]
consideration something that must be taken into account in making a decision. [1/3 definitions]
crossword puzzle a puzzle in which a person must guess words from clues and enter them in a pattern of squares, one letter per square.
curfew a rule or law that sets a time after which everyone must be off the street and inside for the night. Curfews sometimes apply only to a particular group, such as young people.
deadline a date or time by which something must be done.
debate a kind of competition between two people or two teams who disagree on particular issue or set of issues. Each side is given certain amounts of time in which they can talk and present their argument. When one side talks, the other side must be quiet. A debate like this is done in front of an audience. [1/4 definitions]
demand something that must be done; claim. [1/6 definitions]
destiny that which has happened or must happen to someone because of fate or luck.
duty the things a person must do in a particular job or position. [1/4 definitions]
filename the name of a file on a computer. Every file on a computer must have a unique name.
goal the structure or area in certain sports into which a player must get a ball or puck in order to score. [1/3 definitions]
guarantee a promise, especially in writing, that something one has bought will work properly. If it does not, the seller or maker must either repair or replace it. [1/4 definitions]
have to to be obliged to; must.
Heimlich maneuver an emergency technique used to save a person choking on something, such as food. One must stand behind the person choking and wrap one's arms around the person, just below the rib cage. One then presses hard in an upward movement to force air from the lungs. The rush of air should eject the object.
home plate a flat slab of hard rubber at which the batter stands in a baseball game. The base runner must touch home plate in order to score a run.
hurdle a barrier over which a runner or horse must leap in the course of certain races. [3/4 definitions]
jigsaw puzzle a puzzle that is made of a picture that has been cut into many small uneven pieces. The pieces must be put together to form the picture again.
law the set of rules that people in a society must follow. [2/5 definitions]