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indefinite article either of the articles "a" or "an" in English grammar. These articles do not restrict the noun to a particular person, place or thing. In the sentence, "A dog ran into my yard," the indefinite article "a" is used to show that it could have been any dog, and that a particular dog is not being named.
myself my own self (used to show that the action is done by and to the speaker's own self). [2/3 definitions]
object a noun or noun phrase that receives the action of a verb in a sentence. In the sentence, "I forgot my bag," the noun "bag" is the object. [1/7 definitions]
past participle a participle that either indicates a completed action or past state, such as "broken" in "I have broken my arm," or serves as an adjective, as "broken" in "a broken toy."
sweetheart my dear one (used as a term of affection). [1/3 definitions]
transitive verb a verb that is followed by a direct object. In the sentence, "My father owns a grocery store," "owns" is a transitive verb and "grocery store" is the direct object.