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brad a thin nail with a small head.
claw a thin, sharp, curved nail on the foot of an animal. [1/4 definitions]
cosmetic a preparation used on the face or body to make the person wearing it look more attractive. Lipstick, nail polish, and powder are cosmetics.
nail a slim, pointed metal rod with a flat top. A nail is hammered into pieces of wood or other material in order to fasten them together. [2/3 definitions]
root1 the part that attaches a hair, nail, or tooth to the body but cannot be seen. [1/8 definitions]
screw a metal fastener that is like a nail with grooves that wind around it. A screw can be driven into a surface by turning it while pressing down on the head. [1/5 definitions]
spike1 a long, thick nail used to fasten or tie heavy logs or railroad tracks. [1/4 definitions]
stud1 a nail with a rounded knob or head that sticks out. Studs were once used as protective devices attached to weapons or armor and are now used to decorate clothing and furniture. [1/5 definitions]