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address the place where one lives or a business is located. The address has the street name and number, city, and state or province. [1/6 definitions]
after with the same name as. [1/7 definitions]
alias a false name used to hide one's real name. [1/2 definitions]
Allah the name of the supreme deity in the Muslim religion.
alpha the name of the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
anonymous having an unknown name or identity.
apatosaur another name for brontosaur. This animal was also called apatosaurus.
appoint to name to a particular office or duty. [1/2 definitions]
autograph the name of a person, especially a famous person, written in his or her own handwriting. [2 definitions]
axis (capitalized) the name for the union of Germany, Italy, Japan, and other countries during the Second World War. [1/2 definitions]
baptize to give a Christian name to by means of this ceremony. [1/2 definitions]
beta the name of the second letter of the Greek alphabet.
Bombay the former name of a capital city of a state in India, on the west central coast. Bombay is now called Mumbai.
buddy a name used when the real name of a male is not known. [1/2 definitions]
call to name. [2/10 definitions]
card1 a small piece of cardboard, plastic, or thick paper printed with information about a person. A card is used to identify the person whose name is on it. [1/4 definitions]
Chang Jiang River the longest river of Asia, flowing from Tibet through central China into the East China Sea. An older name in English for the Chang Jiang River is the Yangtze River.
christen to give a name to at baptism. [2 definitions]
chrysalis the hard outside covering on a moth or butterfly while it is a pupa, the stage before it becomes an adult with wings. Many kinds of moths and butterflies make a chrysalis instead of a cocoon. Chrysalis is also sometimes used as another name for the pupa itself.
cougar a common name for a puma, a large wild cat with tan fur. Cougars live in many parts of North and South America. They are carnivorous mammals. They are also called mountain lions or panthers.
count1 to list or name one by one in order to find the total. [2/8 definitions]