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annex to make part of an existing nation or city. [1/3 definitions]
commonwealth a state or nation governed by the people. [1/2 definitions]
constitution the set of basic laws by which a nation, state, or other organization is governed. [1/3 definitions]
country a large area of land where people live under the same government or have the same culture; nation. [2/5 definitions]
doctrine a stated policy of a government that forms the basis for how that nation will deal with other nations. [1/2 definitions]
founder1 a person who establishes something new and important, such as an institution, religion, or nation.
government the making of laws and important decisions that control or affect all the people living in a community, state, or nation. [2/3 definitions]
land a country or nation. [1/9 definitions]
language a particular system used by people of the same nation, region, or group to communicate with one another. [1/3 definitions]
monarchy a nation ruled by or in the name of a monarch, such as a king or queen. [1/2 definitions]
national of or having to do with an entire nation. [2 definitions]
nationalism devotion to one's own nation; desire for one's nation to be successful or independent; patriotism.
nationality the condition of belonging to a particular nation by having been born there or by becoming a citizen. [1/2 definitions]
nationwide throughout or over the entire nation. [2 definitions]
past history of a nation. [1/12 definitions]
pawn2 a person, group, or thing used by a powerful person, nation, or the like to gain an advantage. [1/2 definitions]
power a person, group, or nation that has control or influence over others. [1/7 definitions]
republic a nation in which those who make the laws and run the government are elected by the people. [2/3 definitions]
sanction an action taken by one or more nations with the purpose of forcing another nation to obey laws or behave morally. [1/5 definitions]
standard a flag or banner of a nation or ruler. [1/5 definitions]
Taiwan an island in eastern Asia off the coast of China that, along with a number of other islands, considers itself to be an independent nation and its government to be the true government of China. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan.