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Aleut a member of a native people of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.
American Indian a member of any of the native peoples of North America, Central America, South America, or the West Indies, except for Eskimos. American Indians are also called Native Americans.
balsam fir a tree of the pine family, native to Canada and the northeastern United States. It is an evergreen tree and is cut for lumber and Christmas trees.
Bangladeshi a native or citizen of Bangladesh. [1/2 definitions]
brave a Native American warrior. [1/3 definitions]
Brazilian a native or citizen of Brazil. [1/2 definitions]
Burmese a native or citizen of Myanmar. [1/3 definitions]
Cajun a person of French Canadian descent, now usually native to Louisiana. [1/2 definitions]
Canadian a native or citizen of Canada. [1/2 definitions]
canary a small yellow or greenish bird often kept as a pet. Canaries are native to the Canary Islands and are a kind of finch. [1/2 definitions]
Cherokee a member of a Native American people that used to live in the southeastern United States. The Cherokee now live mostly in Oklahoma and also in North Carolina.
Cheyenne a member of a Native American people that now lives in Montana and Oklahoma. [1/2 definitions]
Eskimo a member of any of the native peoples of northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and northeastern Russia. Some Eskimo peoples are now called Inuit.
Ethiopian a native or citizen of Ethiopia. [1/2 definitions]
eucalyptus a kind of tall evergreen tree native to Australia. The eucalyptus has leaves that give off a strong smelling oil that is used in medicines.
fig a soft fruit, with many small seeds, that grows on a tree native to the Mediterranean, or the tree on which the fruit grows.
Filipino a native or citizen of the Philippines.
grammar the rules for forming the words and sentences of a language. Some of these rules have to be learned. Other rules are already in the head of a native speaker. For example, a native English speaker would not say, "I a cat bitten by was," because the grammar does not make sense. When one learns a new language, most of the rules of its grammar have to be learned. [1/2 definitions]
Hausa a language of parts of Nigeria and Niger in Africa. Hausa is also used in and near these countries as a means of communication between people who do not share the same native language but know Hausa to some degree.
hogan a type of house built by the Navajo and other Native American people. A hogan is made of earth walls supported by logs.
homeland one's native country or region.