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American Indian a member of any of the native peoples of North America, Central America, South America, or the West Indies, except for Eskimos. American Indians are also called Native Americans.
brave a Native American warrior. [1/3 definitions]
Cherokee a member of a Native American people that used to live in the southeastern United States. The Cherokee now live mostly in Oklahoma and also in North Carolina.
Cheyenne a member of a Native American people that now lives in Montana and Oklahoma. [1/2 definitions]
hogan a type of house built by the Navajo and other Native American people. A hogan is made of earth walls supported by logs.
Huron a member of one of the Native American peoples that once lived near this lake. [1/2 definitions]
Indian a member of the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere, or a living relative of such a person. The only native peoples who are not included among Indians are the Inuits, Aleuts, and Yupiks. Indians are also referred to as American Indians or Native Americans. [1/4 definitions]
Mohawk a member of a Native American people who once lived along this river, and now lives in northern New York and Canada. The Mohawk belong to the Iroquois confederation of Six Nations. [1/2 definitions]
Navajo a member of a Native American people whose homeland lies in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. [1/2 definitions]
peace pipe a long pipe smoked by some Native American peoples as a sign of peace or friendship.
pueblo a house made of adobe or stone built by Native Americans in the southwest United States. Pueblos are shared by the community and are usually several stories high. [2 definitions]
reservation an area of land set aside by the U.S. Government for the use of Native Americans. [1/3 definitions]
Sioux a member of a group of Native American peoples who are from the plains of the northern United States and southern Canada.
Wampanoag a tribe of North American Indians living in the northeastern United States in what is now eastern Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. [1/4 definitions]
wigwam a Native American shelter, shaped like a dome, made up of poles covered with bark, hides, or mats.