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correspondent a person who reports news or contributes articles regularly to a newspaper, magazine, TV network, or the like, from a distant area. [1/2 definitions]
internet the world's largest computer network, which is made of millions of computers that are linked together. Some parts of the internet are the World Wide Web, electronic mail, and chat rooms.
maze a complicated network of paths or passages between high walls or thick hedges which are often designed to confuse those who travel through them.
network to create a network in or for. [1/5 definitions]
newsgroup a discussion group on a computer network such as the Internet in which people leave messages for each other on topics they are all interested in.
online connected to or reached through a computer or computer network. [2 definitions]
racket2 an object used to hit the ball in tennis and similar sports. It is made of a round or oval frame with a network of tightly laced strings and a long handle.
upload to send information from a smaller computer to a larger computer or computer network. [2 definitions]
web any network that is like woven material. [1/5 definitions]