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brand-new having never been used before; completely new. [1/2 definitions]
everlasting going on forever; never ending.
faith belief or trust in something that has never been proved. [1/3 definitions]
immortal never dying; living forever. [1/2 definitions]
incessant never stopping; constant.
parallel lying or moving in the same direction and being the same distance apart at every point. Parallel lines never meet or cross each other. [1/5 definitions]
routine a course of activity that never changes. [1/3 definitions]
sustainable of or related to a method of managing or using a resource so that the resource is never used up or forever damaged. [1/2 definitions]
time the system in which events appear to happen one after the next in a way that can never be turned back; the past, present, and future. [1/15 definitions]
under no circumstances in no instance; never.
unheard-of never before known or considered; completely new.
uniform always the same; never changing. [1/3 definitions]