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antler one of a pair of bony growths on the head of most kinds of deer. Male elk, moose, and white-tailed deer all grow antlers with branches or prongs. Deer grow new antlers every year. Caribou and reindeer are the only deer that have antlers on both the males and the females.
beaten hammered into a new shape, often flat. [1/3 definitions]
Bible the main sacred writings of Judaism and Christianity. The writings of Judaism are made up of the Old Testament, while those of Christianity are made up of both the Old and New Testaments. [1/3 definitions]
birth the act of bringing a new baby or baby animal into the world. [1/3 definitions]
borough one of the five divisions of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Richmond (Staten Island), Queens, and the Bronx. [1/2 definitions]
branch out to try new activities, interests, or pursuits.
brand-new having never been used before; completely new. [1/2 definitions]
bud1 a swelling on a plant that can grow into new parts, such as leaves or a flower. [1/3 definitions]
commonplace not new or original; dull. [1/2 definitions]
convert a person who has been converted or who has adopted new beliefs. [1/4 definitions]
cool (informal) great, especially in a way that is new, exciting, or clever. [1/9 definitions]
creative able to make or do something new or with imagination.
dedicate to declare (a new building, monument, special event, or the like) to be in honor of a person or divine being. [1/5 definitions]
differently in another or new way. [1/2 definitions]
egg1 a cell in a female animal or in some kinds of plants that can develop into a new individual after it is fertilized. [1/2 definitions]
English of or having to do with the language of England, and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. [1/4 definitions]
exploration the act of exploring new or unknown places. [1/2 definitions]
exposure opportunities to experience or come face to face with new things, ideas, or people. [1/6 definitions]
fertilize to make more capable of producing new plants or stronger plants by adding natural or chemical substances. [1/3 definitions]
flexible able to change or meet new situations. [1/2 definitions]
forward to send on to a new address. [1/7 definitions]