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barefoot with nothing on the feet. [2 definitions]
carefree having nothing to worry about; free of cares or serious thoughts; cheerful.
dwindle to become or cause to become gradually smaller or less until almost nothing remains; shrink.
empty holding or containing nothing; without the usual contents. [1/7 definitions]
in the dark knowing nothing; uncertain.
naught nothing. [1/2 definitions]
pure nothing but. [1/4 definitions]
relax to rest while doing nothing or by spending time doing enjoyable things. [1/4 definitions]
specific pertaining to a particular thing or person and to nothing else of the same kind; particular. [1/3 definitions]
thorough leaving nothing out; complete. [1/2 definitions]
tight closely fitted or made so that nothing can pass through. [1/7 definitions]
wasteland land where there are no living things or where nothing will grow.
zero nothing. [2/4 definitions]