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almond the hard oval seed of this tree that is like a nut and eaten as food. [1/3 definitions]
bolt1 a metal screw with a flat end rather than a point. A bolt screws into a matching nut. [1/8 definitions]
butternut the nut of this tree that can be eaten as food. [1/2 definitions]
cashew a curved nut of this tree, which is eaten after roasting. [1/2 definitions]
chestnut a nut that grows inside a prickly shell. It has a sweet taste. [2/4 definitions]
hazel the wood or nut of such a shrub or tree. [1/5 definitions]
kernel the seed inside a nut or a fruit pit. [1/3 definitions]
nut a dry seed or fruit made up of a kernel contained in a hard, tough shell. The kernel of a nut is often used as food. The kernal is often called the "meat" of the nut. [3/4 definitions]
nutcracker a tool for cracking the shell of a nut.
nutmeat the part of a nut that can be eaten.
nutshell the hard cover of a nut.
orchard a piece of land planted with fruit or nut trees.
peanut a seed like a nut that grows in a dry pod under the ground. Peanuts can be prepared and eaten in many ways.
pecan a nut that has a thin, smooth, oval shell. [2 definitions]
pistachio a green nut with a tan shell that is sometimes dyed red. Pistachios have a sweet taste. [2 definitions]
shell a hard, or somewhat hard, natural structure that surrounds and protects a nut or fruit. [1/8 definitions]
walnut the nut of such a tree, having a hard, brown shell and a seed that can be eaten. [1/4 definitions]
washer a flat ring of rubber, metal, or other material used with a nut and bolt to make a tight fit. [1/3 definitions]