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admiral an officer in the United States Navy of the highest rank; the commander of a fleet of ships or military unit.
cadet a student in a military school; person training to be a military officer.
captain the chief officer of a merchant ship or an airplane. [3/6 definitions]
colonel an officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marines who ranks above lieutenant colonel and below general.
commander an officer who is the leader of a military unit. [1/3 definitions]
commission the order that gives a rank to an officer in the military. [1/7 definitions]
constable a police officer in a small town or village.
cop2 (informal) a police officer.
corporal2 an officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps who is ranked below sergeant and above private first class.
detective a person, often a police officer, whose job is to find information that will solve crimes.
ensign the lowest rank of an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard or Navy. [1/2 definitions]
general an officer of high military rank in the U.S. and other armed forces. [1/4 definitions]
inspector an officer in a police or fire department. [1/2 definitions]
lieutenant a military officer of low rank.
marshal in the United States, an officer of a federal court whose duties are like those of a sheriff. [1/3 definitions]
mate1 an officer on a ship who ranks directly below the captain; first mate. [1/6 definitions]
president an officer elected to lead a group or organization. [1/2 definitions]
sergeant a police officer whose position is below a captain, lieutenant, or inspector. [1/3 definitions]
sheriff the main law officer of a county.
soldier a person who serves in the army and who is not an officer.
treasurer the officer of a club, business, or other organization who is responsible for taking care of the group's money.