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afoot on foot; walking. [1/2 definitions]
athlete's foot a common foot infection caused by fungi. Athlete's foot makes the skin itch and look scaly.
crosswalk a lane or path in a road that is marked off for people to cross on foot.
infantry soldiers on foot, or the branch of the military to which they belong.
legion an army unit in ancient Rome that was made up of soldiers on foot and on horseback. [1/2 definitions]
lift a ride given to a person who is traveling on foot. [1/9 definitions]
patrol a person or group, on foot or in vehicles, that guards in this way. [1/3 definitions]
tramp a person who travels on foot from town to town and who lives by begging or doing odd jobs. [1/6 definitions]
tread to move on foot; step or walk. [1/7 definitions]
walk to travel on foot for exercise or fun. [2/9 definitions]
walking done on foot. [1/4 definitions]