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afresh once again; anew.
again once more; as before. [1/2 definitions]
anew once more; again.
annual happening once every year. [1/3 definitions]
annually once a year; yearly.
battering ram a heavy beam once used in war to break through doors, walls, or gates.
bi- a prefix that means "once every two." [1/2 definitions]
biennial an event that happens once every two years. [1/5 definitions]
binocular (usually plural) a device that uses lenses and mirrors to make objects look larger. Binoculars are used with both eyes at once.
bonnet a cloth hat that is fastened beneath the chin with ribbons. Bonnets were once worn by women but are now worn mainly by babies. [1/2 definitions]
collie a Scottish breed of dog. Collies are large dogs with long, narrow heads and long hair. They were once raised to herd sheep.
dodo a large bird, now extinct, with wings so small that it could not fly. Dodos were once found on islands in the Indian Ocean.
encore "Once more!"; "Again!" [1/3 definitions]
ether a liquid that makes a person unable to think, feel, or move. Ether burns easily, has a strong smell, and was once used in medicine to make people unconscious during surgery.
festival a ceremony or celebration that repeats, often once a year, and involves special activities or amusements. [1/2 definitions]
first off at once; immediately.
former1 having once been. [1/3 definitions]
Hong Kong a region off the southern coast of China. Hong Kong was once a British colony but was returned to Chinese rule in 1997.
Huron a member of one of the Native American peoples that once lived near this lake. [1/2 definitions]
immediately right away; at once.
instantly at once; without delay; immediately.