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amphibian a vehicle that can travel or operate on both land and water. Some tanks, boats, and airplanes are amphibians. [1/2 definitions]
amphibious able to travel or operate on both land and water. [1/2 definitions]
control (often plural) something used to guide or operate a vehicle or other type of machine. [1/6 definitions]
drive to operate (a car, truck, or other vehicle). [2/11 definitions]
fly1 to operate (an airplane or other aircraft). [1/9 definitions]
function to run or operate, especially in a way that is normal or desired. [1/3 definitions]
handle to behave or operate in a certain way when used. [1/5 definitions]
out so as not to operate; off. [1/13 definitions]
pilot to steer or operate. [1/3 definitions]
run to work or operate. [2/30 definitions]
sail to operate a sailboat. [2/11 definitions]
software any of the programs that are written to operate a computer.
take turns to operate in a fair way that lets two or more people share in an activity intended for one person only. One person has a turn, then the next person has a turn, and so on.