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again once more; as before. [1/2 definitions]
ashore to or onto the shore. [1/2 definitions]
back to an earlier time or a place where one was before. [1/10 definitions]
bank2 a supply or store. [1/3 definitions]
carry on to continue to do or go on as before. [1/2 definitions]
coast the land next to the ocean; seashore. [1/4 definitions]
consequently as a result; therefore.
core the center part of any round, solid object. The center of the earth is called its core. [1/4 definitions]
counter1 an object used for counting in a game. Counters are usually a small piece of wood or metal and are used to help keep score. [1/2 definitions]
disregard to pay no attention to; ignore. [1/2 definitions]
ditto the same as said or written before.
each every one of two or more. [1/3 definitions]
encore something added to a performance after the audience asks for more. [1/3 definitions]
ere before. This word is used in poems and stories written long ago.
establish to successfully start or make something that did not exist before. [1/2 definitions]
fore- a prefix that means "before" or "coming before." [1/2 definitions]
full1 not able to hold or contain any more. [1/4 definitions]
further more. [1/4 definitions]
goal the structure or area in certain sports into which a player must get a ball or puck in order to score. [1/3 definitions]
grocery a store where food and other household supplies are sold; grocery store. [2 definitions]
hurricane a powerful storm with heavy rains and winds that blow in a circle at 73 miles per hour or more. Hurricanes usually form in the West Indian region of the Atlantic Ocean.