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clever showing original or creative thought. [1/2 definitions]
commonplace not new or original; dull. [1/2 definitions]
creativity the ability to make or invent something original or imaginative.
disciple one of the twelve original followers of Jesus Christ; apostle. [1/2 definitions]
elastic able to return to its original form after being stretched or squeezed. [2 definitions]
enlargement anything that is made larger than the original. [1/2 definitions]
native an original resident of a given place, such as the Inuit people of Alaska and northern Canada. [1/6 definitions]
negative a photographic image on which light areas of the original subject appear dark and dark areas appear light. [1/6 definitions]
secondhand not from the original source. [1/3 definitions]
spring an elastic device or object that returns to its original shape after being pressed or stretched out. [1/12 definitions]
Thermos (Trademark) A Thermos is a container that is used to keep food or drink at its original temperature. [2 definitions]